Hi! I am Tim ONeill one of the creators at Urban Farm Homestead. The homestead was established in 2001 when my  wife Allison and I moved from Colorado back home to North Platte, Nebraska. Land was neither available nor affordable when we moved back so we bought a home with the largest lot we could find and began to develop a homestead/farmstead in our small community.

I completed the first permaculture design course before moving back and since then have been working to develop a food forest and some semblance of food sovereignty and food security using permaculture and agroforestry principles and techniques. On the homestead we are always learning and teaching. We, grow a bunch of food that we cook, can, dry, freeze-dry, ferment and freeze. Some of it we sell. Growing is a mainstay at the homestead. We not only  grow food using aquaponics, hydroponics and good ole dirt but we strive to grow personally in our faith, friendships, service and knowledge.

Life is good, God is good. Thank-you for allowing us to share just a tiny bit of life by joining us where we are in the journey.

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